Insurance Policies for You and Your Family

A policy which is tailored to your individual needs and is underwritten based on your health and family history.

Types of Cover


Pays out a sum assured upon death or diagnosis of a terminal illness with 12 months to live, the plan usually matches your current mortgage and term to ensure there are no shortfalls upon claim of the policies. It is designed to protect you and your family from the financial burden of death.

How does Life Cover work.

If you die while you’re covered, Life assurance pays a lump sum to whoever is entitled to receive the benefit. It will also pay a lump sum if you’re diagnosed with a terminal illness, and your life expectancy is no more than 12 months. However, it only does this if you have more than a year left before the date of expiry of your Life assurance. If you have a joint life first death plan, your Life Cover stops after we pay a claim for the death of one of the people covered. If you have a joint life second death plan, we will pay a claim for life cover after both people covered have died.

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Serious Illness

Pays out a sum assured upon diagnosis of a serious illness which is listed in either the Primary Plan -100 illnesses or the Comprehensive 174 illnesses. The plan is unique in the way it can pay out a percentage of the sum assured based on the severity of the condition diagnosed. Our award-winning Serious Illness Cover helps protect you from the financial impact that a serious illness can have on your life. You can choose between our Primary Serious Illness Cover – which covers 102 conditions – and our Comprehensive Serious Illness Cover, which covers 166 conditions. If you’re diagnosed with one of the conditions we cover, we pay you a cash lump sum. The amount we pay you is based on the severity of your condition.

How does Serious Illness Cover Work

For most conditions, a typical critical illness policy would give you a payout for your full cover amount, or nothing at all. This can leave you with nothing to help you cope with an illness that’s having an impact on your life. We pay out differently. We give you a percentage of your cover amount depending on how severe your condition is. This means we’re able to pay out on a wider range of illnesses – not just the debilitating or life-threatening ones covered by typical critical illness policies. If you make a claim for a condition that pays out part of your cover amount, we keep covering you for the remaining amount. So if your condition gets worse, or you’re diagnosed with a more severe condition, you can claim again. You can do this until you’ve used up your whole cover amount.

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Income Protection Cover

We offer Primary, Comprehensive and Short Term Income Protection Cover.

Income Protection Cover provides a monthly income if you are unable to do your own job through illness or incapacity.

With Primary and Comprehensive Income Protection Cover, if you are unable to go back to work, this income could be paid until you retire.

This offers you long term protection of your income, which can be used to help pay your bills, your mortgage or even medical costs as you recover. You have a choice of income protection solutions, so you can choose the cover that meets your individual needs

Income Protection Cover gives you a monthly tax-free income which is based on the follow

Comprehensive Cover you can protect 60% of your gross salary for the first £30k per annum and 50% thereafter which is also tax-free, therefore this should replace most of your net salary.

For example, if you earn £100k per year, you would receive 60% on £30k which equals £18k and 50% on the remaining £70k which equates to £35k, giving you an annual benefit of £53k.

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Short Term Income Protection

This provide a tax free monthly income for up to years. Short Term Income Protection Cover may be an affordable solution to protect your income if you become incapacitated. We’ll pay you a monthly income for up to two years if you are unable to do your own job because of illness or injury. If you are unable to work because of illness, injury or disability,

With our Short Term and our Primary Income Protection Cover, the maximum cover available is 50% of your gross salary.

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The types of premium you can choose

Guaranteed premium

If you opt for guaranteed premium this will only change over the term of your cover as a result of choices that you make. These choices include changing your cover amount or term, or having indexed cover. Your premiums may also change at each plan anniversary depending on your Vitality status.

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Reviewable premium

If you opt for a reviewable premium, the insurer will review them periodically and potentially change them. When they review your premiums, they look at them in terms of emerging claims experience. They do not look at your individual circumstances such as your health.

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Indexed premiums

If you have chosen indexed cover, the amount your sum assured can increase by is linked to the Retail Prices Index (RPI) and limited to 10% each year. However your premiums will rise by the RPI plus 2.5% (or RPI plus 5% after you reach age 80), to reflect your increasing age. The plan schedule provided indicates how your premiums may change, based on a predicted future rate of inflation

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How Vitality rewards you for being healthy

As well as protecting you if things go wrong, Vitality helps you lead a healthy life. As part of your plan you get access to a range of incentives and rewards to encourage you to look after your health. You also have the chance to control your future premiums – without changing your cover.

The healthy living programme helps you improve your health – and saves you money at the same time. It encourages you to be healthy by offering you discounts with a range of health partners. You start on Bronze status. By taking steps to look after your health, you can increase your status to Silver, Gold or even Platinum.

The higher your status, the greater the discounts and the rewards. You can add Vitality Plus or Vitality Optimiser to your plan for the opportunity to earn additional rewards.

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